Monday, June 30, 2008

The chase after close...

My manager & I were closing tonight and when we were locking up, we heard some yelling coming from the desert area that is off to the side of our store, but behind the shopping center. Then we saw a red truck that was chasing this woman and almost running her over. He would get out of the truck and try to chase her, then get back in the truck. We called the police and once the guy saw us he drove off, but kept circling the block. The girl kept hiding in bushes and behind things so that he couldn't see her. Finally they police got there and tried to find the girl, but she had already run off. My manager went to the actual parking lot to see if maybe he was over there, and sure enough he was in the main parking lot waiting for us to leave so that he could go back and chase after her. Once he saw the police he sped off and they tried to chase after him, but I don't think they got out of the parking lot in time to actually catch up to him. They hadn't found the girl, or the guy and the truck by the time they let us go home. Hopefully she is okay...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

busy week...

So much for finishing my blogs the other day. Now you get the short version...
The rest of my weekend went as follows:

Thursday: DaNay arrived, went to In-N-Out
Friday: hiking, Eegees, Lake Patagonia, massage
Saturday: worked, went shopping with DaNay
Sunday: took Justin to the hospital, stayed at home while he got better
Monday: DaNay left :(
Tuesday: worked

Monday, June 23, 2008

Spiders... I hate spiders...

I am going to write a few separate blogs today... I wanted to write them earlier this weekend but with all that has been going on I haven't really had a chance to do that. So the first one will be about spiders...

I know, I know... I am writing about something that I am really really afraid of, and that probably doesn't make any sense, but I just had to write about this.

So Justin & I were cleaning up for when DaNay got here. He opened the closet to get something and I was in the kitchen. All of the sudden he tells me to not to move. Well, 99.9% of the time when he says that he is trying to tell me that there is a spider without telling me that there is a spider. So I know he sees a spider and I freak out. I grabbed a paper towel and threw it at him so he could kill it. He said that he would need A LOT more and to just throw him the whole roll. So I did, and was confused since he never needs the whole roll to kill a spider. He told me that he thought it was a small tarantula, and my response to that was that I knew he wouldn't be able to squish a tarantula even if he had a whole roll of paper towels. Not unless he wanted to ruin the carpet and be able to feel it crunch... Then he has the idea of maybe sucking it up in the vacuum. I run in and jump on the couch, so I can make sure it doesn't escape. Well, it feel down into one of the boxes that was in our closet so Justin had to examine every shoe that was in the closet and everything in the boxes so we could get it. Meanwhile, I was still making sure that it wasn't making a getaway... We finally find it underneath his skateboard and it darts out into the open and just stops. That's when we realized that it wasn't a tarantula, it was a SAND DOLLAR SIZED BROWN RECLUSE!

Now a few days before this, I saw a sand dollar sized spider when I got home from work, screamed bloody murder, and almost ran back into my car and locked myself inside till Justin came out. I tried calling him to get him to come out since it was blocking my way to the door, but he was making breaded pork chops and his hand were covered in everything so he didn't answer. Finally the spider ran into the rocks and I ran into the house crying... Anywho, I am hoping that it was the same spider so that I don't randomly encounter another huge spider!

So back to the brown recluse... It is just sitting there and Justin tries to get it with a metal pole thing, but it darts and I am freaking out. Justin tells me to go into the other room so I book it into the bedroom and jump on the bed. At this point I am in tears and then he tells me to come back into the room. I guess that it had ran underneath the couch and Justin wanted me to watch the edge of the couch so I could let him know if it tries to run away. Then Justin decides he is going to flip the couch over so he can see it. The second he does that, the spider runs the wrong way and the edge of the couch with the wood catches a few of his legs, so it can't move unless they are broken off. So now that the spider can't move he gets the pole and gets it. I didn't believe that it was dead so I told him to take it outside to make sure that it was dead.

So yeah, I am really scared of them!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Friday, June 13, 2008


I can't sleep so I am going to write about my feet... They are pretty much the reason that I am unable to sleep right now, so I figured that if I write about them, maybe they will stop hurting and I will be able to sleep. I know it doesn't make very much sense to you, but when you are tired and in pain, it makes more sense...

On Thursday I had a foot appointment to check up on my bunions and talk about potential surgery. Justin came with me so he could ask all the smart questions that I always forget to ask. Since he is going to Maryland for 3 weeks for training, we thought that maybe I would be able to have surgery right before the trip then go with him and just hang out at the hotel since there would be nothing for me to do other than help him study anyway. We thought that would be the perfect plan so I could still be with him since recovery would take 6 weeks or so. But the doctor said no since he would have to follow up at least once a week to see how my foot is doing and to make sure it is not infected. So I have to stay home. (I am going to miss him more than he knows!)

So we were trying to figure out when we would be able to get it done... I can't have it done before he leaves because August is going to be crazy! We are going to Disneyland for my birthday, we have to move because our lease will be up, and he starts his training here. I can't do it any sooner than August because I can't go on an LOA while I am in my 90 days. We can't afford to have me miss that much work financially right now either. So, I will have to wait till I can receive vacation time which won't be till after my 90 days. But then he will have started his training, and I can't get it done while he is in training because he won't be able to help take care of me at all... So we have to wait till he is completely done with training and that won't be until the end of October or the beginning of November. But then work might not let me off because of the holidays... But that would mean that I would have to wait till at least January and by then my feet will be a lot worse. Especially since I am on them 40 hours a week in uncomfortable shoes. I got them a size bigger than normal so that I could still wear my inserts with them. I then realized that they were too tight on the tops of my feet with them in there so I can't wear them with the inserts. So I can't wear the inserts at all, which is not helping my feet; my shoes are too big, so they are chaffing the tops of my feet and my heels; and standing on my feet as opposed to sitting 8 hours a day is killing them enough as it is! So now my bunions are sore and swollen. I miss my Etnies!!!

When I actually have the surgery it will have to be one foot at a time because recovery would be a lot harder if I can't be on either of my feet at all... It will be really weird when one foot is still flexible, and the other is fused at the joint. I will really miss being able to move my feet the way I can right now, but I will really be glad that I won't be in pain. It's times like this when I wish I wasn't as flexible, but at the same time, I am really glad that I am. I will miss my flexible feet that mold to whatever they are standing on.

Friday, June 6, 2008

GEICO & Disneyland

We are going to Disneyland for my birthday and had our budget all planned out so that we could make that possible. Then Justin heard that for every person that calls GEICO to get a quote that mentions his promo code, we will get $15... You do not have to actually buy anything, just get the quote. If we can get 65 people to call, our entire trip (including gas) will be paid for!

Just call 1-800-342-9070
Don't forget to mention the promo code!!! 128545

Remember, 15 minutes could save you 15%...

It's so easy, a caveman could do it!!!

Training in Douglas???

When I was at work yesterday I recieved a phone call from the district trainer. She finally has the hours to train me, but wants me to go to Douglas, AZ for a week... CATO would pay for my hotel and they would reimberse me for the drive and food. Sounds all fine and dandy, but I don't have the money for gas to drive 2 hours away, Justin doesn't trust my car driving that far, and I have a foot appt on Thursday that I can't miss. Not to mention that I would miss Justin terribly! I would only be gone a week, and that is nothing compared to the 3 weeks he will be in Maryland for his training, but I would still miss him... Anywho, they are going to have to reschedule since I can't do it next week.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


How did the word blog actually come to be?

Some may ponder that question and figure it out on their own after a while. Others may ponder that question and never come to a solution. There are also those people that don't even have to think about it... They just know. Then there is me who just took five seconds to look on Wikipedia. It says that blog is actually short for 'web log'.

So now we know, and knowing is half the battle!