Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Cookies & Holiday Hearts ♥

Last night Justin and I had a huge craving for cookies... We had some chocolate chip cookie dough left over from the last time we made cookies, but Justin REALLY wanted sugar cookies. Since we didn't have all the ingredients or energy to make them from scratch, I offered to go buy some dough. (He had a headache that wouldn't go away, so I figured he should stay and get some rest...) Oh, and he requested that I get milk too!

When I got to Safeway I had no idea where to look. We usually go to Fry's for our grocery shopping, but Safeway is a little closer since we are in Sycamore Park now. I would have gone to Fry's anyway, but I was worried about my car. (that will have to be another blog...) So I walked up and down the aisles looking for each item on the list, starting on the south end. I guess they have a small section with lunch meats and cookie dough back by the milk in addition to the larger section in one of the other aisles. I didn't see any normal cookie dough, but I saw some Valentine's Day ones with hearts, so I grabbed those. Then I grabbed the milk and called Justin to see if there was anything else he wanted me to get. He decided that Nilla Wafers sounded good, so I went looking for those. Then I saw regular sugar cookie dough in the big section and also some Christmas tree ones that were a little cheaper. I ended up getting those instead (for obvious reasons) and because Justin got excited when I told him they were Christmas trees!

While he had me on the phone he asked if I knew who lived on Angel St in Layton. I told him that my Grandpa lived there. We had a package that was sent from that address, but there was no name so he didn't know who it was from. He asked if he should open it or if he should wait till I got home and I told him to wait. I was trying to think of what would have been sent to us, but figured I would know soon enough. So I checked out and drove home (hoping I wouldn't get stranded).

At home Justin showed me the package and like he had said, there was no name, just the return address. Looking at the address reminded me of Grandma, and I felt a warm feeling inside. We opened it to find a box with 2 things wrapped in it, a cd, and 2 pieces of paper. One of the gifts was for me, the other for Justin. I got an apron and Justin got a chef hat! The cd said Christmas Cookies on it...

The papers read:

"Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts"

"Dear Family,
Here is a gift that Grandma would have loved to make and give you! Grandma loved you kids so much; she always enjoyed baking cookies and spending time with you.
Grandma's favorite Christmas song was 'Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts'. You can remember Grandma when you hear that song and wear your aprons and hats.
We all miss her sweet smile and laugh. She truly was an Angel and will always be with us!
Love you all 'Dearly',
Aunt Keri and Grandma"

I think it is no coincidence that we wanted cookies and saw the Valentines and Christmas ones the same night that we recieved that package and read about the song, it was perfect timing!

Thanks for sending and sharing that with us Keri, and thanks for your help from the other side Grandma! We love you both!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Judy went in for her second of three surgeries yesterday and she was discharged this morning! Normally her recovery process isn't this quick, so this is amazing news. We are going to pick her up after work today and maybe sneak in dinner at Culver's! hehe...

Justin FINALLY has a date for his surgery! It will be on the 29th, so we will both be off work the 29th and 30th so I can take care of him, and of course he will have the weekend to cover as well. It will be nice to have it done and over with so at least one of his kidney stones won't bother him anymore.

As for me, still surgery free... I need it on my bunions but now isn't good timing, and it has been tolerable, so I will tough it out.

Oh, and Justin has an interview next week for a field position in Tucson! We thought that they had gotten rid of it since he applied for it a few months ago and they had told everyone that they weren't going to fill it.

Soooo, keep your fingers crossed!