Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New news, or not?

Wow, I feel like such a slacker!! I haven't posted anything since May!

Well, not much has changed here in the Coachella Valley, except that the weather was much MUCH cooler in May. If you think Tucson is hot, try spending a day out here! This summer it averaged 110-118, but it would get hotter than that some days. We get some coastal humidity, but no rain, so it can be kinda miserable. So I was really excited when yesterday our high was only 93!

A few weeks ago we found out that we are going to have a baby!!! I'm 8 weeks along today, and we are uber excited! I'm due on April 28th... Baby Hassie is just a lil peanut right now, but he/she is happy and healthy. (:

We are looking to buy a house again, since we have more of an idea of where we want to live now. We really want to try and buy before the end of the year, but don't know if that will still be possible since time is flying by and realtors aren't getting back to us.

In about two weeks we will be on our way to Yellowstone to escape the heat and visit family! Hopefully we can find our warm clothes. We haven't needed them in a while...