Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday Judy went up to Phoenix for her follow-up appt. It went well, and they said that she will need to go in for her second surgery on January 6th for her left leg, and then after she recovers from that they will do surgery on her abdomen. No fun... They don't have a date for the abdomen surgery yet, I think most of it will depend on how quickly she recovers from the one on her leg.

Anywho, Justin and Judy got back to Tucson around the same time that I was getting off work, but they had to run a few errands... I had to finish my Christmas shopping too, so it worked out well. Judy started feeling sick so Justin took her home and then ran out to get a few more things.

When I got home, Justin opened the door and told me that he would have to guide me through the house with my eyes closed since he didn't get a chance to put everything away yet. I hadn't been feeling well so I just sat on the bed and tried to feel better. After a while he came in and told me that I could go out if I needed to, so I grabbed my shoes and purse so I could put them away, and opened the door. I noticed that half of the entertainment center was missing and that we had a new TV! I was shocked... I was upset at first since we had already talked about it and how we didn't have the money for one. He gets a raise in January so he didn't seem concerned about the money at all... He refuses to use it towards my Christmas money, so that's an extra hundred dollars that we weren't planning on around Christmas. He had only spent $100 on it since the student he bought it from was moving back home and had to get rid of it fast. It's a nice TV though, and he got a good deal on it.

He wanted to surprise me with it, and well, it worked. I was very, very, surprised.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

kidney stones... good grief!

So in my last post I mentioned that Justin's surgery is this Thursday for his kidney stones. Well, he went in for his pre-op appt yesterday thinking it was just going to be paperwork and whatnot, and they send him to Radiology Limited to get an x-ray. After he gets there they tell him he needs a catscan and then they were going to make him go to Oro Valley for this. He has already missed a lot of work for this and they want him to go waaay out of his way for a catscan that could easily be done right there where he is at? Doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, he tells them that they would have to just do it at a later time because they had just wasted his time and they won't be able to get him in until December 29th for that.

This means that I had to change my time-off... Again. (Originally I had te entire week of Christmas off, but since Justin couldn't get that whole week off I switched it to Thursday and Friday of this week so we could have time off together, and then it turned into surgery dates.) Margaret doesn't really like it when we change time-off and I feel really bad, but I tell her what is going on and that the soonest he would be able to go in for surgery would be January 8th. She let me switch my days off so I would work the rest of this week and be off January 8th and 9th. Those are the last days I can use this comp time before the next semester starts.

We crossed our fingers in hoping that those dates would work out for the surgery, and it turns out that his doctor will be on vacation that entire week. So now I am stuck with two days off that I would prefer to be earlier on so that I can finish getting the house ready for the holidays. The next available appt will be the the 22nd of January since they are already booked the 15th. So the soonest he will be able to be seen would be the 22nd of January and I feel horrible since I don't want him to have to wait that long.

I talked to Margaret again to let her know that the plan has once again changed and that I will no longer be off for his surgery those two days and she tells me to change my schedule back to being off this Thursday and Friday since I have to take the time off or else it will just be time wasted. This means that I will have to dig into my sick time when he actually goes in for his surgery...

Now the question remains... When is this surgery going to happen?

Good Grief!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

it's been a while...

It's been a while, a LONG WHILE since my last blog... So I figured I would write to hopefully get myself back in the habit. (:

I can't believe that Christmas is only a week away! Time has really flown by this year... We don't have any big plans for the holidays, but Judy is staying with us right now, and my mother will be coming down for Christmas from St. George so it will be nice to have extra company!

Judy got back from the hospital last week and is recovering from her surgery. She is staying over at our place so that we can keep an eye on her and get things for her so she can rest. She is very independant though and tries to do things herself that she really doesn't need to be doing in her recovery stage. We try to tell her to just rest and walk around a little with our help but she still gets up in the dark of the night to get things that Justin or I could help her with. We try to explain to her that that is the whole reason she is staying with us, and that we are there to help her and that we don't want her to get hurt or make her recovery any longer, so hopefully she will heed our advise and call us for help instead of trying to do things on her own when it is pitch black.

Justin is going into surgery on Thursday to have one of his kidney stones removed... (yay! only two more to go after that!!!) It shouldn't be too much fun, and he will need to take it easy like Judy this weekend, so I will get to play Mom and take care of both of them. (:

Hmmm... As for me, I have been up to nothing but work and trying to unpack from our move. Oh, and I read Twilight!!! It was AMAZING! I can't believe I waited that long to read it... So now I am DYING to read the other three. It's really killing me! Especially after reading the teaser to New Moon at the end of Twilight. I finally saw the movie this past weekend, and I must admit, they did a good job, but the book was still WAAAY better! hehe...

Work has been really slow lately since it is finals week and everyone is going home for the holidays... I survived an entire semester here at Campus Health, and I am loving it. Well, aside from the fact that you can sometimes feel the sick breathing on you when you are checking them in. hehe... I am very grateful that I haven't gotten sick (aside from the occasional sore throat) from working here yet.

The move went well, and if anyone needs the new address let me know, and I can get it to you! We had someone come out and help us finish the landscaping (we took care of most of it in one Saturday and then realized that we would need more help since the weed whacker we bought was kinda cheap and we had buffle grass that wouldn't budge). Anyways, they told us that we had a bad termite problem that we didn't know about until the day before we moved out of the house. The landlords (which are VERY unprofessional, and I will get into that later...) should have been keeping up with that and with our spider infestation. (yes, it was no longer just a problem, it was much, much worse) We had seen countless black widows in our garage and refused to park in it until it was taken care of, since that isn't very safe... We had seen waaay too many wolf spiders and baby wolf spiders for my liking, not to mention brown recluses, weaving orb spiders, and many others that we couldn't identify. As for the termite problem, just to give an idea as to how bad it was, we had a tunnel coming out of our bedroom wall about 7 feet off of the ground that Justin put a toothpick in and sealed with glue (this was before we knew it was termites). When we were actually moving, we moved one of our boxes that we never unpacked from the previous move and saw dirt on the floor beneath it. There were little holes at the bottom of the box and it was clearly eaten through, and once everything was emptied out, we realized they had eaten even more of the box than we had thought, but stopped at a red folder for some reason. Oh, and my personal favorite... In our computer room behind where we had one of our desks, we saw a little hole near the baseboard and there is a weed growing through it now... How that happened is beyond me.

We moved out on the first. The landlords have stood Justin up for the inspection twice now without telling him that they wouldn't show up... We have called them countless times and left messages so that we can get it taken care of and get our deposit back, and the month is halfway over now. Justin has done some research and found out that we can potentially get double our deposit back at this point. Which is good since they have wronged us in so many ways that I haven't even mentioned. I am just glad to be out of that house and one step closer to getting our own home so we don't have to worry about renting.

Well, I better get going since work is almost over... Take care everyone and I will try to write more often!!!